Recurring cold sores are mainly caused by the same triggers. Continuous exposure to specific health issues, circumstances, and environments can keep cold sores coming back. If you are in the midst of your second or third fever blister outbreak in a row, this will likely be the reason why.

Cold sores are born from a virus that lies dormant in the nerve ganglia, and it can become active at any time. Identifying (and avoiding) the trigger(s) that specifically affect you is a large part of the battle.[1] This might be hot or cold weather, your period, stress, fatigue, and many others reasons. If your immune health is low because your body has been compromised in some way, you’re far more at risk of a second, third or fourth outbreak.

Although nothing is guaranteed to prevent cold sores, you can clear up multiple cold sores in a row a lot faster. The Virulite Electronic Device can get rid of cold sores in as little as three days. You just apply it as soon as you notice that all too familiar tingling sensation in the area. This is known medically known as the prodromal stage.

You will learn more about cold sore recurrences and how to treat cold sores at home. You will also find out how to improve your overall well-being and increase your natural defenses against the herpes simplex virus (HSV-1).

What Causes Many Cold Sores in a Row?

Falling victim to a cold sore trigger is the primary cause of recurrent fever blisters sores. Covering a wide range of both internal and external factors, these are something you must be conscious of if you have the herpes virus in your system.[2]

From various foods, drinks, weather conditions, and physical ailments, triggers can lead to repeat outbreaks if not careful. It is likely that introducing the same trigger(s) on a regular basis is the cause. Many times these become a factor without you realizing that this is the case.

Another factor involves the improper healing of the initial sores. The notion of repeat sores could, in fact, be an extension of the first outbreak. Even the slightest bit of manipulation during the healing stage can conceivably introduce a new issue.

To summarize:

  • Cold sore recurrences are caused by known triggers. HSV-1 is naturally a dormant virus. Some type of influence, either internal or external, must set it off. If you are experiencing a repeat bout in a short period something is activating the virus.
  • While continuing to treat and heal your cold sores is paramount, the annoyance becomes greater with each new issue. If you are in the grips of your second or third flare up in a matter of weeks, it is vital to identify the cause.

Why Are Some Cold Sores Worse than Others?

Some cold sores are worse than others due to your overall physical wellness. Because a compromised immune system makes you more susceptible, any form of deficiency can make a cold sore feel worse.

Even something as seemingly minor as the common cold can dramatically change the intensity of your blisters. This is because your body is fighting two separate battles at the same time. The overall duration of the blister life cycle can be longer than expected and the pain more significant.

Because cold sores are born from a virus, severe outbreaks can introduce a host of symptoms.[3] This can include a headache, fever, fatigue, swollen lymph nodes, etc. While most cold sore outbreaks are more annoying than painful, recurring and severe outbreaks can be entirely different.

The most important task is to heal your body. As long as you are in a compromised physical state, your blisters will not recover in a timely fashion. Although cold sores typically vanish on their own within two weeks, a severe outbreak can last as long as 30 days.

To recap:

  • There is a strong correlation between your general health and the severity of your outbreak. Many times a long-lasting and painful blister ordeal is the byproduct of a more significant issue. The common cold, sinus infection, intense stress, etc., can all tax the body. Your physical condition does not have to be debilitating for your immune system to be compromised.
  • Your first line of defense is to help your body to recover. If you can identify the health concern, you can heal your sores faster. Cold sores are caused by a virus. The more your immune system is occupied with other issues, the less strength it has to fight off fever blisters.

How Do I Get Rid of Recurrent Cold Sores Quickly?

Being proactive is always the fastest way to get rid of active cold sores. As you soon as you feel the initial tingle it is time to get to work. This is especially true if you have had outbreaks in the past and are familiar with the symptoms.

While recurring sores can seem like a never-ending nightmare, the treatment is the same. If the outbreaks are routine regarding their symptoms, a standard OTC product should work just fine. Additionally, making it a priority to avoid direct contact with the blister is critical. Except for applying the treatment, a hands-off approach is recommended.

You should never attempt a risky treatment method simply because cold sores keep returning. If each sore is healing, then remain with your treatment plan. The odds are that the issue is due to recurring triggers and increased susceptibility rather than failed medication.

To summarize:

  • Taking a positive and proactive approach is the best was to heal recurrent cold sores. If you are familiar with the symptoms of fever blisters, it is wise to begin treatment at the first sign. Never delay treatment as it’ll take much longer for your cold sores to go away naturally.
  • Never bail on your treatment in favor of unproven home remedies. If your sores are healing, then your treatment is working.

Do I Need To See a Doctor About Multiple Cold Sores?

While multiple sores can typically be managed with standard treatment, there is a point of concern. This problem area is usually reached when sores fail to heal, or noticeable spreading and infection begins to occur. You should also be vigilant if you have cold sore and eczema, for example.[4]

Although you should never panic, it is wise to get things checked out by your physician if you are concerned. Many OTC treatments are FDA approved. If your selection is failing to provide the relief you might need some extra assistance.

Having a consultation with your physician might also help you pinpoint the trigger that is leading to your issue. Identifying this problem will likely put an end to your recurring situation regarding a perpetual blister state.

Keep getting cold sores, one after the other

Your doctor will likely introduce a prescription medication to heal your sores. Unless you have a serious underlying condition, a prescription treatment solution should heal your sores fast.

To recap:

  • It is essential that you consult a physician if your cold sores are failing to heal with treatment.
  • The introduction of infection and viral spreading is another red flag. If you notice your blisters starting to spread and develop a more extensive coverage area that is cause for concern. Your physician can implement a strong prescription treatment.

How Do I Strengthen My Immune System?

You can strengthen your immune system with proper diet and exercise. Improving how you eat and increasing your physical activity can prevent cold sores. Although nothing can truly ever stop an outbreak, you are less likely to be a victim if your immune health is in a good place.

The introduction of fruits, vegetables, and vitamins is critical. Although some “good things” can also be cold sore triggers, it is easy to maneuver the obstacle course. This is especially true if you have a detailed list of which foods and beverages commonly spark a flare-up.

Learning how to take care of your body is essential to a healthy life. HSV-1 needs a spark to light its fire. Maintaining quality emotional, mental, and physical health can works wonders for keeping the virus at bay.

To summarize:

  • Maintaining (or introducing) a routine of proper diet and exercise is pivotal in the battle against cold sores. Although there is no foolproof plan will stop an outbreak, an issue becomes less likely if you are in good health.

Prevent Cold Sores by Avoiding Triggers and Staying Healthy

The final takeaway is all about developing a certain standard when it comes to your quality of life. This applies to every aspect and not just the physical. While cold sores are a physical manifestation, how they arrive can be due to a host of ‘hidden’ issues.

Introducing proper diet, exercise, and stress management can go a long way. This is especially true if you find yourself regularly in the grips of an outbreak. The inability to remove the triggers from your life, as much as possible, can prevent cold sores from coming back.

Treat cold sores with the Virulite Electronic Device as soon as you experience a tingling sensation and they’ll go away faster.[5]


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