Cold sores hurt even more when they’re swollen. From when they first erupt to the time they form a nasty scab, they’re uncomfortable and unattractive. But there are ways to lessen the pain and reduce the time they take to heal. You understandably want to know how to reduce cold sore swelling overnight so that you can look better and feel more confident.

Cold sores start to fill up with a clear liquid, so they’re going to grow bigger. The problem is exacerbated by infection and irritation, which causes cold sores to swell up further. You’ll likely notice that the skin around the cold sores turns a pinky-red and becomes painful to touch.

Although swelling makes cold sores more noticeable, you shouldn’t try to cover them up with makeup. That will only cause them to look worse, as the makeup will start to crack. It won’t allow the cold sore to breathe, and this will lengthen the time it takes to heal. If you do want to hide the swelling, you can do so with the Compeed Invisible Cold Sore Patch. This will treat the cold sores, as well as hiding them from staring glances.

In this article, we will let you know how to heal a swollen cold sore. We’ll look at the best over-the-counter cold sore medicines and some 100% natural treatments. While there’s no current cure available, you’ll find out ways of reducing the swelling so that you can recover in just 3 days.

How to Get Rid of Cold Sore Swelling Fast

The quickest way to ease your pain and discomfort is by applying ice. You should be careful, though. If you just apply an ice cube directly to the cold sore, it’s likely to stick, making the problem worse. You could also use an ice pack, but you should take the same precautions.

If you apply some petroleum jelly or Vaseline, it will stop the ice from sticking to the spot. Doing this will also help you in other ways. It will keep the sore moist, so the chances of cracking or splitting open will be reduced.

The cold sore may become itchy, but don’t scratch it. This will cause it to swell up more and will irritate it further. Worse still, you may find that you spread the infection to another area of the face/body. That’s one of the advantages of covering up the area with a medicated patch.

Treatments That Reduce Cold Sore Swelling

Millions are born with the HSV-1 virus in their systems, but only about a third will ever experience an outbreak. Of those who do, some will get one or two cold sores during their lifetime. Unfortunately, others get cold sores in the same place several times a year.

The fastest way to stop the swelling of a cold sore is to try to stop it from developing at all. The only way that you have a chance of achieving that goal is with a treatment that’s proven to work. It will attempt to block the virus from surfacing, and it will reduce the symptoms.

HERP-B-GONE Antiviral Cream

There are treatments available over the counter, such as HERP-B-GONE Cold Sore Cream, that will help to reduce cold sore swelling. You’ll also find that it stops the cold sore from getting worse, dramatically reducing the healing time.

It was invented by doctors and is approved by the FDA. It contains special ingredients, such as butylated hydroxyltoluene (BHT), that are proven to work. You should apply it at the first sign of a cold sore for instant relief from the swelling.

When you use it on a daily basis, perhaps as an alternative to a basic lip balm or lip gloss, you’ll enjoy additional protection. The best time to apply HERP-B-GONE is when you’re most vulnerable to infection. Obviously, you should follow a different approach if exposed to direct sunlight as you need a formula that offers UV protection.

Perhaps you get cold sores when under a lot of stress? When you feel under pressure, apply this cream as a preventative measure. It will help you at any stage of the cycle, but early detection and treatment are highly effective.

How to Reduce Cold Sore Swelling Quickly

Abreva Cream

Another treatment that works well is Abreva Cold Sore Gel. It contains 10% Docosanol. Just apply it to the infected area 5 times per day, as soon as you experience the tingling or burning sensation.

It has a unique patented formula that defends the healthy cells from the herpes simplex virus. You can use it when you’re over the age of 12, so it’s suitable for most children. If for any reason you fail to get results, it’s backed by a money back guarantee.

Make sure that you sterilize your hands before and after usage so that it isn’t spread to other areas. The last thing that you want to do is develop cold sores around the eyes. Continue to apply the cream until the condition completely clears up.

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The Use of Essential Oils for Cold Sores

Essential oils are used to treat many skin-related ailments. They are like a ‘medicine’ in their own right, being a natural anti-inflammatory that helps with swelling. The anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties also have the ability to numb the pain.

Tea Tree Oil

Many of the best treatments for cold sores include tea tree oil (or melaleuca alternifolia). This is because it is a natural healer that will sterilize the area, protecting healthy skin cells and helping to reduce inflammation.

Use a damp cloth to remove any of the crust that’s formed during the ulceration process. It’s recommended that you mix it with a small amount of water so that it doesn’t sting too much before dipping in a cotton swab. Try to avoid getting any of the substance on your healthy skin.

Once a cold sore erupts, if you don’t treat it, it will quickly start to swell. You’ll go through the different stages, which will typically last for up to 14 days. The blistering stage is when the swelling usually takes place. You can stop a cold sore in the early stages.

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